Daily Step – A prayer for Christ, born into a messy but loved world.


Merry Christmas!

Today I’m over at JesuitPrayer.org offering one last prayer and reflection for this season. 

“… as we celebrate the joy of Christmas today, inside many of us there is a battle of emotions – sorrow wrestling with joy, grief wrestling with exaltation. I am not always sure what to do with competing emotions like these, are you?”

Go on over to JesuitPrayer.org to read my full reflection, and in the meantime… pray with me:

I am filled with immense gratitude
that despite all options available to you, 
You chose to be born in a messy stable, 
alongside messy human beings 
just trying to make sense of a messy world. 

Thank you for loving us enough to do
what I often am not brave enough to do myself – get right down into the trenches
alongside those who needed you most. 

As the world wades through the end
of an unbelievably difficult year,
help me heed the angel’s words 
and not let fear keep me from continuing
the work you started.

Give me the courage 
to add my own light to yours
so that the world may be a little brighter.

Have a blessed Christmas Day!

Let us enter this season in gratitude and hope!

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