Daily Step – What about when God says yes?


Have you ever asked God to open a door?
… begged God even?

Have you ever prayed something like: 

“God, if you just open a new door for me, I promise I will walk through it. I will not let you down!”

I know I have.

So what happens when God says yes?
(cause sometimes God does…)

I often wonder if I’m more afraid of the “yeses” than the “nos” from God.

I mean I have big dreams, huge aspirations.
I want to do great things. 
But I don’t really expect God has those dreams too. 

I mean there are other people who have more to offer than… me.

Still, I have enough faith to ask and even beg for a door that will lead me to something great.

And many times, God says “no” or “not just yet.”
… but then sometimes…
Sometimes, God says yes…

That elusive door finally swings open…

… and my faith gets instantly overcome by fear.

I find myself saying almost instinctively: “That door, God?”

Followed by something like:

“That door is more rectangular than I thought it would be.”
”That door has a larger threshold than I expected.”
“It is too wide…”
“… too narrow…”
”… too heavy…”
”… not heavy enough…”

“… what if I go through it and I DO let you down after all?”

“… what if I don’t?”

I think I’m afraid of the “yeses” as much as the “nos” from God.

I think I’m afraid I’ll fail.

But maybe even more that I’ll succeed.

What about you?

Pray this with me today:

Lord, extend my faith
beyond the desire
into the action

Remind me
that with your hand
in mine

I’m am stronger than I think.


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