Daily Step – An Ode(ish) to ChatGPT


I don’t know who else needs this poem, but…

Ok so the topic of conversation over the last few months has been ChatGPT and all the pluses and the minuses of this new AI software.

Truth be told do you know the first thing I thought when it came out?

Why would I ever use it? I LOVE to write.

The second thing I thought when it came out?

What if everyone uses it and the light I offer by doing the thing I love is no longer needed?????

So… I went ahead and did what I do which probably seems a bit counterintuitive and wrote a poem that I never want Chat GPT to read!


An Ode (ish) to ChatGPT

When it comes
to the light
inside of you
and the light
inside of me,

I must be

Right or wrong,
I feel
like my light 
is dimmer
and less 
than yours.

After all,
my light 
doesn’t have
limitless levels
of brightness
that can be
turned up
and up
and up again.

After all,
my light
doesn’t offer 
a neon rainbow 
of colors
that can blend 
and blend
and blend again.

this light
that was given 
just to me…

it’s like
a small pinprick,
a single,
simple shade
of white.

But maybe,
just maybe,
that’s all 
my light
needs to be.

So why 
do you wish 
to try
and make it 

I’ve heard
that you
can recreate
my light 
if I let you.

I hear that
you promise
to take 
the tiny pinprick
of simple light 
I offer
and turn it 
into a 

But if I 
really pause and
think about it.

If I consider 
this offer
from each 
and every 

I think that
I’ll find 
I don’t really 
my light
to be a 

all I need 
is to take
my tiny offering,
my genuine ray
born from
my human voice
and my beloved
human spirit
and offer it


Then maybe 
my light, 
and the light
of others
traveling this road
with me 
can combine 
and become 
the storm
out of which 
new life is

©️Gretchen Crowder, 2023

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