Daily Step – God just keeps telling us who we are.


Do you know who you are?

Do you know what makes you… you?

It seems to me that I am always re-introduced to parts of myself whenever things are going really, really wrong. 

At first, I get to learn a little more about the worst parts of me – they all come to the surface at the start of something bad. I see how I worry, how I catastrophize, how I double down and hyper focus…

But the more I wade through the muck, the more the better parts of me come to the surface – like the part of me that gets up and tries again, the part of me that is open to growth and change, the part of me that can see a way forward. These are the parts of me that could define me… if I let them.

I love this quote by Richard Rohr because I think I’ve been, sometimes, quite frustrated with God over the lack of direct answers. Especially in the midst of the worst moments, I tend to demand what I think I’m owed. “Come on already, God, just tell me what is going on, why this is happening, what you want me to do!”

But in my better moments, I realize that God chooses to instead reveal to me who I am. It happens time and again. 

I really can learn so much about myself if I’m humble, open, and ready to receive God’s magnanimous offering of love and truth… in good times and in bad.

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