Daily Step – What’s your most impossible dream?


What is your most impossible dream?

Do you believe it could come true? 

Or are you afraid to speak it aloud because it’s just TOO impossible to ever really happen?

What keeps you (and me) from having hope for that impossible dream to come true?

Hope helps us believe there are great things ahead.

Often great and wonderful things our practical nature tells us are impossible.

Maybe that’s why it’s so hard sometimes to hope – because we hope for things we can’t see… because hope isn’t a confirmation anything will actually happen in the end.

Every morning my boys wake up with tremendous hope. Some of it is for concrete things like: “I hope I get ice cream today” or “I hope I get to play on the bars at recess.” 

But some of it is for quite impossible things: “I hope I get to meet a dinosaur in real life today” or “I hope I finally woke up with those super powers!”

Even when they hope for the impossible and it doesn’t come true… it never dampens their spirit.

They still wake up the next day dreaming those impossible dreams.

And these are the very dreams that light them up with joyful anticipation for the day ahead.

So what is your impossible dream?

What’s the thing you hope for but are afraid to speak it aloud in case it never comes true?

Speak it aloud ANYWAY.

Dream it ANYWAY.

Leave some room in your heart for those things that will light you up simply by the hope of them.

It just might just change you.

It just might just change everything.

(Image is my latest attempt at a Cricut creation – ironed on my design to a canvas bag. Though doh! I forgot two words! So I had to add them to the photo as I determine how to add them to the bag later on!)

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