Daily Step – Believe it or not, a minivan can be an effective place to pray.


How do you best speak to God?
Is there a particular prayer you use?
A particular place you go?

Currently, my go-to place to speak to God is my minivan.

Whenever I am in it alone these days, I find myself speaking to God as if he is a friend on the other end of my bluetooth receiver. And what a friend God is! I mean I can go off for hours and God doesn’t say a word… just let’s me speak, or scream, or cry, or make jokes, or go off on tangents…

I usually don’t have a plan when I start talking to God in my minivan. I just suddenly turn down the music (or podcast or audiobook) and launch into what it is that is flooding to the surface in that moment. 

It’s far from eloquent.

In fact, I’m sure God has to work hard to keep up with me sometimes because I can lose my train of thought and start down any one of a number of rabbit holes before inevitably saying: “What were we talking about again, God?”

But in many ways, these minivan conversations are some of the best I have lately because I can go all over the place and God just patiently listens. I can make no sense. I can get angry. I can express my confusion and my hurt and my uncertainty, and I can almost feel God right there on the other line taking the journey with me.

I used to think God only showed up in holy places…

But God shows up in my minivan,
So perhaps my definition of holy places was too narrow?
Or perhaps my understanding of God was?

So where and how do you best speak to God these days?

Wherever that is, however it is, I believe God will meet you right there.

Because God just wants to hear your voice.

… and have an avenue to let you know you are not alone.

So just start speaking.
And let grace do the rest.

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