Daily Step – Looking for the light moments.


Sometimes these days feel super heavy.

Don’t they?

This morning it is raining again – but pouring this time and lightening and thunder are close companions. Looking out the window, the rain sits heavy on the ground… for it has already soaked the earth far past what it can absorb. Could be a metaphor for 2020, huh?

As I sit here this morning flipping through my phone and listening to the rain, I came across this silly photo from last night. Yesterday, after convincing me to give them even more construction paper and tape for new “models” as they call them, my twins worked diligently on a project all day.

Then, at night, they came to give me their creations. “Mommy, we made you a necklace!” they exclaimed. And when the first creation didn’t fit over my head, they came back with a second. They gave me a crown and a necklace. Both felt feather light on my head and my neck (they were made of paper after all).

“Mommy, you look beautiful!” they said.

And for a moment, all the heaviness fell away.

This morning, my prayer is that we capture the “light” moments of our day and let them lift the weight of this crazy time. May God grace us with people who can lift the weight from us and help carry it with us… so it never overwhelms us like persistent rain on an over-soaked ground.

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