Daily Step – What does your perfect toolbox contain?


Do you ever wish you had been gifted a toolbox that contained everything you needed?

A bright, shiny toolbox that fit so cleanly each and every tool you needed to do this adulting thing well?

I think all of us were gifted an actual toolbox at some point in our lives. Mine was small and easy to store. It was a blue box that laid out flat and contained a range of simple screw drivers, a hammer, a tape measure, a level, and a variety of nails – just the right tools to ensure I could take charge of simple needs in  my first apartment as an adult.

It was perfect for a 22 year old striking out on her own.

Were you gifted one too?

What did it contain?

Was it everything you needed to begin to build a life?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could also be gifted a toolbox that helped us with the big, non-tangible things as well? A perfect little box that fit every single tool we needed to navigate the world. 

I don’t know about you, but I often wish there were tools I could grab from a box that would help me with so many things. A bright, shiny tool that could point me in the right direction, another that could uncover hidden flaws, another that could give me unique insights, and yet another that could instantly fix whatever got broken along the way.

I wonder sometimes why God didn’t gift me with these tools once I became a bright shiny adult. 

Why instead does every tool I have seem to be slightly less than what I need?

Maybe it’s because I’m often trying to use them alone. 

Maybe it’s because the tools God gifted me with require God’s hands and mine to use them most effectively… and until I let God’s hands join mine, I’ll never see what these tools can really do.

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