Daily Step – Will you stand, firmly planted in God’s rich soil?

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Standing still, firmly planted in the ground…

What a challenging thing that is to do!

Letting my feet remain rooted as my heart shines for all to see… oh! It makes me so antsy!

I don’t know about you, but I struggle a lot with this… standing still… standing firm… standing tall…

I struggle with remaining rooted in the patch of ground God set aside just for me.

I find it challenging to plant my feet into the soil that God is tending (and always has been tending just for me) and remain there.

Instead, I want to run around trying to save… something…everything. I want to save myself from the challenge of what God asks of me. I want to save myself from the discomfort that comes from shining my unique light that God planted in me.

I want to make it easier, and so I run around searching everywhere. I often think THIS is the better way of proceeding. 

But it turns out, the better way is actually to remain rooted. 

To plant my feet in the soil God has prepared just for me… and to let myself shine. 

What soil has God prepared for you? For me?

(Note: not the soil others or you or me have prepared, but the soil God has prepared..)

How is God tending it today?

Will you remain rooted in it?

Even if it scares you?

Even if it doesn’t quite make sense?

Will you stand right there, feet sinking into the dirt, and let your unique light shine so others may find their way to their own patch of God’s rich soil?

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