Daily Step – Are you worthy of love?


Are you worthy of love?

What a question, right?

What a rabbit hole we can go down trying to answer that one!

So why ask it?

You know who never asks this particular question? God.

God never asks if we are worthy. God doesn’t note whether or not we’ve “earned” love today. God doesn’t have a tally system that helps distribute love out to humanity based on worthiness.

Instead, God loves each of God’s children fully and completely no matter what. 

God loved each of us human beings so much God sent a Son to be with us. 

To be one of us. 

God loved us so much God chose to send a Son into the most difficult of circumstances – not to live in a palace and rule with a crown but to be born in a stable and rule with a generous heart. 

So if God does not ask “Are you REALLY worthy of my love?” – why do we?

Why do we wonder it about ourselves?

Why do we wonder it about others?

God sent a Son to teach us that our job is to love with no question of worthiness.

So let us begin. 

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