Daily Step – Take a leap of faith and unicorns.


“The unicorn can’t be jumped over! The unicorn can’t be jumped over! It’s the rules!”

These words were just overheard outside my office. Can you guess what my boys are playing this morning? 

Yes, that’s right. 


Oh you didn’t know there are unicorns in chess? Me neither. Here’s the truth. I don’t actually play chess. I don’t know how. So, when my boys discovered a chess board outside my office, I let them figure it out on their own.

I think I might have ruined them for real chess though. I mean, now that they have made up their own set of rules, it’s gonna be very hard to change them. I mean, their game has unicorns. That’s cool. Much better than the chess pieces I’m somewhat familiar with!

As they play their very unusual game of chess, I’m enjoying listening outside the door. I’m so inspired by their creativity. I’m so inspired by their willingness to jump into something even if they aren’t exactly sure what the real rules are. I’m so inspired by their continuous desire to explore.

Sometimes I can get sidelined (ok often) by a need to know everything about any situation before I’m willing to dive in. The truth is though, I can never really know everything. I can never really see all the angles. 

Sometimes I have to take a leap of faith and unicorns.

And sometimes you do too.

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