Daily Step – Believe in a love being stored up for you.


Faith, hope, and love…

Three virtues intertwined.

I love this quote by poet Rainer Maria Rilke that reminds me I am loved.

It reminds me I am loved no matter what, whether I recognize it or not.

It reminds me not only that I am loved, but that love comes with strength. 

It comes with abounding grace.

It’s surrounds me and fortifies me and gives me all I need to be complete.

If I only believe in it.

So, why is it so hard to do?

Why is it so easy to forget?

In the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, he has a meditation called the Two Standards. Basically, it’s a meditation that invites you to examine which standard you serve – that of the world or that of Christ.

It seems like when I get caught up in the world, I forget about this all encompassing love God has for me. I’m more aware of my faults, my failings as well as my accomplishments, my goals, and my wants.

I forget to look outward to this love being offered to me.

I forget about the grace it offers.

And the strength.

When I get caught up in my faith in God instead and the hope contained in it, I am more in tune with the strength and the grace permeating my life. I am more likely to imitate Christ and share that love He offers me.

Yesterday, I asked some students if they had any Advent traditions. It’s kind of a funny question for me to ask because I realized I wasn’t sure I had my own answer to share.

Advent can often be bypassed by the joy of the holiday season… I know I’m guilty of that for sure. 

So what if I, what if we, used this Advent as a time to give space for faith and for hope to flourish so we can recognize and feel that love that has no limits.

And share it with others.

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