Daily Step – Never believe your voice is too small…


Never believe your voice is too small to matter.

I have these three plants on my front porch that I bought on a whim one Sunday morning in late summer. 

We were having some friends come over for dinner, the first guests in a long while, so of course our porch needed a little dressing up. 

The young man at the checkout scanned my flowers and said: “Don’t you wish you bought these last week?”

“Why?” I replied. “I didn’t need them then.”

“Because they were on sale. These flowers are going out of season. They won’t last you very long at all.”

Such the bearer of good news, this young man was.

I brought them home anyway, and truth be told like most flowers around our house, I forgot about them… for a whole week (or maybe two?)

They looked so sad (and so dead!) the next time I stepped out onto my front porch, and I felt bad that the young man had been right… they didn’t last long, especially under my care.

So, I gave up and let them be until the next time I’d remember to gather them and throw them out.

Several weeks later, we started having to park in the front of our house for alleyway construction and I noticed those same three pots of flowers. They were still there, and they were vibrant and alive.

Apparently, my husband had decided not to give up on them and watered them a little everyday until they returned to their full beauty. 

And they are still going strong. 

It made me wonder how many times I give up on things or people a little too easily.

How often do I believe my work, my time, my effort, my voice is too small to matter?

How often do you?

But my work, my time, my effort, and my voice does matter to someone. 

And so does yours.

Especially your voice.

So don’t forget about.

Don’t let it die out.

Nurture, water, and care for it.

Ensure it speaks of love and life and hope.

And use it to change and grow and develop that small part of the world God has entrusted to you. 

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