Daily Step – Do you focus on the good parts first?


“Wow, that’s so nice!”

“How’d it go? Thanks for asking. So great. Let me tell you the good parts first…”

“Thank you. Wow that’s really kind of you.”

I’m practicing. 

What am I practicing?

My initial responses to things.

I’ve noticed something about myself lately. Okay, I want to say lately but… I’m sure it’s not a new habit at all.

I tend to look first on what went wrong or could be better about a situation first. I think about the cons before the pros. I analyze the compliment before hearing it for what it is – a simple offering from one loving person to another. Sometimes this is all internal… sometimes it’s not. But it’s an unintentional and regular habit for sure.

Tell me, I’m not alone?

Why is it so natural to focus on what could be improved over what already was a success? Why is it so easy to focus on the one thing that went wrong instead of the hundred little moments that brought nothing but joy?

Why is it so natural to lead with what could be instead of what is already so beautiful? 

I’m thinking about this today as I gear myself for a busy day ahead. 

Will I be able to give into the joy and beauty of a moment?

Or will I be stuck contemplating the typo I left on page three that just got read in front of the whole school? 

I’m hoping for the first one.

I’m praying for it.

Because as Mary Oliver wrote: “Joy is not meant to be a crumb.”

It’s meant to be the focus.

May it be your focus today as well.

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