Daily Step – Here comes the sun.


Here comes the sun.

I used this song by the Beatles in a retreat talk many years ago.

During the talk, I spoke about the moment I first learned about my son’s hearing loss. I confessed to the students listening that the moment was overwhelming, but that it also would become like a ray of sunlight in our lives.

I didn’t feel the ray of sunlight in the moment though. It came much later when I reflected back on learning the news. It came when I realized all that happened so quickly afterward – his hearing aids, speech therapy changes now tailored to the loss, understanding educators, a new way of looking at life.

Reflecting on that moment on retreat and talking and writing about it ever since helped me find the sun I didn’t realize was there at the time.

Last year was difficult for many reasons. Some I share in common with everyone, some are my family’s alone. Even now, as we are still in the midst of everything as a global community, it can be hard sometimes to find the rays of sunlight.

But they are there.

Here’s one ray I’ll share with you. Next week, my son starts a new school tailored to the learning differences we identified long after the hearing loss diagnosis. 

In the midst of last year, I couldn’t see the ray of light this change would be. I couldn’t see the ray of light more diagnoses would offer. We struggled together a lot… and the struggle was all I could see.

Even though we aren’t there yet… we haven’t walked in the doors and started the year, I can see the ray of light peaking through.

Truth was, it was there all along.

And I just want to capture it. 

And remember it.

I want you to remember it too. 

The next time it feels so dark that no light can touch it…

It can. 

The light is always there.

Here comes the sun.

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