Daily Step – Are double yolks lucky?


Our chickens just started laying eggs.

This is our second run with chickens. The first met the unfortunate fate of a bobcat after almost two years in our backyard. Just a few weeks after they died, my husband bought six more chicks and we started all over again (with even more bobcat precautions).

The first few eggs we got were really small. I learned this is because the chickens bodies and hormones are just figuring this whole egg laying thing out when they first start. I think that’s probably also the case with the two eggs I got most recently. 

They were both double yolks.

The first one had two completely separate yolks while the one this morning had two yolks that were conjoined. Perhaps I got to the egg mid-split. 

Of course, because I’m human, I immediately googled “Are double yolks lucky?” despite already knowing that there was a pretty easy scientific explanation. 

I was, of course, happy to find them rumored to be lucky because of how rare it was to find one (rarer in store bought eggs because they weed them out – or at least they mostly do). 

Then I clicked further down the Google line and read that in the Norse tradition they are the opposite of lucky. 

I stopped myself from going down the Google rabbit hole right then reminding myself that I’m not a person who usually subscribes to “luck” and all the ways you can happen upon it. 

Instead, I subscribe to grace which isn’t offered just because I found two double yolk eggs in a row. 

It’s offered simply because I am.

Like Mary Oliver in this quote, I don’t completely understand it or why sometimes the grace I receive is not the grace I prayed for. 

But I believe in its power.

And I believe in the love that accompanies it.

So this morning, even if you don’t crack and egg and get two yolks, I hope you know that God is showering you with grace anyway. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need and open your heart to receive what you are offered.

You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.

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