Daily Step – I’m so cold! But grateful!


t’s 24 degrees and falling.

In Texas.

I know my Northern friends would say “so?” but it’s dang cold for my weak Southern blood. The one bright spot is that there is once again snow predicted for this weekend. And this time, it might just happen. I’ll keep hoping. Of course it’s supposed to be 9 degrees then so maybe I’ll just watch it from my windows?

This morning as I bundled up for the cold and somehow convinced my boys to at least put on a fleece… I teetered on letting my day start with anxiety and grumpiness. So, I decided to stop and make sure I started with gratitude instead. 

So what am I grateful for this Friday even as my hands are screaming “put away the phone and put me back in those gloves!”? So many things.

I’m grateful we had an ice day yesterday to get a little reset midweek. I didn’t realize how much we needed it. 

I’m even grateful for e-learning yesterday because I got to see how far all my boys have come this year. I also got reminded just how little knowledge I’ve retained from grade school on the planets. 

I’m grateful for some good health news from friends and family this week. I’m also grateful that those whose news was not so good are surrounded by loving friends and family as they continue to fight. 

I’m grateful for shots in arms even as I eagerly await my turn. I’m grateful for progress.

I’m grateful for this photo. The last few weeks my twins have insisted I pick them up and spin them before school. I’m grateful they still fit in my arms and they still desire to be in them.

I’m also grateful that it’s Chip Friday once again.

So as I defrost in my office and start prepping for the Friday ahead, I’m curious – what are you grateful for? 

There is always something. May God give you eyes to see it today.

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