Daily Step – Do you see God? and share when you do?


“The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.” – Julian of Norwich

Last night I came home late from work so of course all my boys were asleep in bed. I stealthily entered their rooms to kiss them goodnight. Two were dead asleep, but the third was still tossing and turning. 

“Hey buddy,” I said. “Why are you up?” We said the night prayer and what we were thankful for. Then he chatted for a second about random things until he paused for emphasis and said something quite unexpected. “You know, mom, people say that God and Jesus are real.” 

I took a breath uncertain as to where this was going. “Yes, that’s true. I say it too.” He looked thoughtful for a minute and replied: “I’m not sure I do.” I swear one is never prepared for these conversations when they happen! “Why not?” I asked. He said: “I don’t know I think I have to see things to believe them.”

“Well I see evidence of God everyday,” I said. In fact, I had just returned from an evening event with colleagues that showed me God’s presence so tangibly as we reflected on the blessings and gratitude of this year. “I see evidence of God in lots of people, animals, and things. I see evidence of God in you.”

“So you SEE God?” he asked me. His voice was more inquisitive than critical. 

“Yes, honey, I do.”

I see God. I see God in my children, my colleagues, our community when it gathers in prayer. I see God in each of you reading this right now.

But the truth is, I often fail to make note of it. I often fail to pause in gratitude for it. I often fail to share those instances when God comes close with those around me. 

So today my prayer is for the grace to notice God, the grace to have a grateful heart when I do, and the grace of courage to share those moments with others.

This is my prayer for you as well – after all, my understanding of who God is can only be enhanced by everyone’s unique encounters with the One who loves us best.

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