Daily Step – Which May feeling will you choose?


Will you choose joy? Or exhaustion?

Admittedly, I didn’t choose joy this morning. I let small things like a kid who didn’t want to get out of bed or eat breakfast or really do anything I said get to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it always gets to me a little… but it doesn’t always zap my joy like it did this morning. 

Maybe I can blame it on the time of year.

After all, it’s May. The time of year when as an educator… I’m exhausted.

And it’s May. The time of year when as a parent… I’m exhausted.

But it’s also May. The time of year when flowers bloom and First Communions and Graduation celebrations occur. 

It’s May. The time of year when people start to go outside more and smile more and make summer plans.

It’s May. The time of year when my boys wake up excited about things like wearing a colorful shirt and jeans to school. 

So which May attitude will I choose?




My prayer today for you and me to choose joy. Let us pause throughout the day and remind ourselves of the words of Henri Nouwen: “I am convinced we can choose joy. Every moment we decide to respond to an event or a person with joy instead of sadness. When we truly believe that God is life and only life, then nothing need have the power to draw us into the sad realm of death.”

Choose joy. 

It will make all the difference.

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