Daily Step – Stop right there.


Take a deep breath.
Feel the wind on your face.
Let the sun warm your cheeks.
Then breathe again… deeply.
And let it out… slowly.

Did it work?

This is what I had to do after I dropped off my boys this morning. As I walked from their school to mine, I had to pause (on the sidewalk not to get run over by carpool, mine you), breathe in and let myself take a moment to regroup.

It had been such a hectic morning. Fake Mondays after a break usually are. One kid wouldn’t eat what I was offering. The other two were fighting. My morning routine wasn’t as efficient as normal. My to-do list for the next 24 hours was getting too long to imagine checking it all off in time. And everyone and everything around me was so loud…

So, I had to pause.
And breathe.
And feel the wind.
And take in the sun.
And breathe in deeply
and out again slowly.

Just for a brief moment, before my feet started to move again and the noise of the world around me flooded back in and the urgency of the lists returned.

I may just have to do this a few more times today to be honest. Maybe more than a few times. I know now that it’ll help. It always does.

Will it help you?

It’s been a long “winter”. Lent seemed to last two years at least. But Easter has come and there is a lot of light ahead.

And who wouldn’t want the sun after a long winter?

So no matter what lies ahead today, take some time to breathe it in.
The light.
The warmth of the sun.
The beginning of Spring.

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