Daily Step – We don’t have to shoulder it alone.


Anyone else need to psyche themselves up a little for 2021 still? 

I’ve noticed a few friends saying recently that the weight of this pandemic is really hitting them right now. It’s probably a weight they’ve carried for awhile without really knowing it. Often, it has stayed just under the surface bolstered by daily distractions. Sometimes though, it creeps up to the surface and we feel too weak to shoulder it all.

But we don’t have to shoulder it all alone.

The last few mornings I’ve spoken to God before getting out of bed and letting my feet hit the floor. Some of the conversations made absolutely no sense because I was not fully awake yet. In fact, this morning I found myself speaking nonsense to God in my head for a full minute until my alarm sounded again and offered me clarity. I think it went something like “Morning God. What is that dragon doing there? Do you like dragons? Maybe we should run…” or something like that. I think I was bringing God back into whatever last dream I had lingering. It’s kinda funny, and I don’t think God minds. 

God is happy to go along for the ride, don’t you think? Even when it doesn’t make sense. Even when it’s super early in the morning. Even when you are venting… again.

God is there to help us carrying some of the heaviness of life not only when we can’t do it ourselves but always. 

God’s back is strong enough to lift it all.

My prayer this morning is for you. All of you that feel that heaviness right up near the surface today for one reason or another. May you feel God’s grace renew and strengthen you. May you feel God push up under the heaviness and take it on for you. 

And then, when you are ready and feeling a bit lighter… Let’s do this! Let’s get this year started!

(Art was done through a YouTube tutorial from Every-Tuesday.com)

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