Daily Step – But that’s my spot!


“But that’s MY spot!”

Yesterday, as I pulled into the parking lot, a man pulled right in front of me and took the spot I usually park in. I grumbled under my breath “But that’s my spot!” as I paused before finding another one. 

A little voice from the back of the car said “Mom, it doesn’t have to be “your” spot everyday…” I sighed as I realized my grumbling had been overheard. “I know, it’s just I always park there,” I whined, forgetting for a second that I was the parent and he was the kid. 

“Well, no. Not always, mom. We’ve parked there, and there, and even there before.” Seriously, when did this boy become the voice of my conscience? “Ok, okay you’re right… let’s just park and go inside…” I said hurriedly and still with a slight edge in my voice. 

He was right, though. It shouldn’t have bothered me so much. I mean I do like things to be a certain way. I like routine. I like knowing where I’m gonna park and being on time and have no big surprises.

But that’s not life, is it?

And grumbling about someone else getting my spot is probably not living a generous life for others either, is it?

Did I mention the man took “my spot” because he was heading to early morning mass? Lord have mercy. “My spot” – please.

How often do you get hung up on the way things have to be? How often does a slight change in the “usual” upset you or your day more than it should? How often do you grumble when someone else takes “your spot”?

My prayer for you and me this Friday is that we leave our hearts open to what may be today. May we be graced with a little perspective when “our spot” gets taken (whatever that may mean). 

And may we be open to see the wide open parking lot in front of us and breathe easy. When our spot is closed, God’s is wide open and waiting. 

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