Daily Step – You are unique and cherished.


After all the gifts were bought and Santa was crystal clear about his list, one of my twins brought home a new request.

His Santa letter from school asked for blocks. “What kind of blocks are you asking for kid?” I inquired sure this was the first time he’d mentioned blocks. “I want small ones, medium ones, and large ones so I can build a huge circular wall all around me and my toys.” He emphasized what he wanted to build by sweeping his arm up and down and around in a huge circle. 

Yesterday, he drew a picture for the exact sizes of the blocks and my husband is contemplating whether or not he has time to cut a few of them up in the garage secretly tomorrow. Though he wants 200 of them. It’s such a simple and unique request. Everything else on their lists was exactly the same. I want to encourage this uniqueness and this creativity if I can. And I honestly can’t wait to see what he’d build.

My boys are so close in age and close in looks that I often forget to see their uniqueness, the three unique persons God created out of love.

Seeing and cherishing their uniqueness is a daily reminder that God cherishes us in our uniqueness as well. 

Today my prayer is again by St John Henry Newman:

“God has created all things for good; 
all things for their greatest good; 
everything for its own good. 
What is the good of one is not the good of another; what makes one man happy would make another unhappy. 
God has determined, 
unless I interfere with His plan, 
that I should reach that which will be my greatest happiness. 
He looks on me individually, 
He calls me by my name, 
He knows what I can do, 
what I can best be, 
what is my greatest happiness, 
and He means to give it me.”

Let us believe in our unique place in this world and live into it wholeheartedly.

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