Daily Step – May we see the joy in what is…


He’s looking for some Christmas joy, can you direct him to some?

My sons got these binoculars yesterday as a gift. I gave them the packages right away in the car on the way home. It was fun to watch their excitement opening the wrapping paper followed by their frustration that stiff plastic packaging stood between them and actually using the binoculars in the car. My oldest managed to dislodge his from the plastic jail – I’m so surprised he didn’t cut his finger! The other two grumbled a little but then were content to look through the binoculars, still in their packaging, and make up what they were seeing. 

“I see our front door!” one exclaimed even though we were still miles away from home.

“I see the lights of the city!” another said as we wound our way through suburban streets.

“I see your butt through the chair, hehe hehe.” one said to another. Lord, every. single. time.

When we got home and I finally cut open the other two packages, all three ran around seeing what they could see. This morning, when I went to wake them up, they were sleeping with their binoculars clutched safely in their hands.

Amazing the things you can find with binoculars! It seems that in their search for doors and lights and bottoms, they also found a lot of joy shining in every corner of our home.

I know many of us are lamenting this messed up Christmas season. Many feel isolated, frustrated, and just done with this pandemic already. I feel ya. 

So my prayer this morning is for our own (figurative) binoculars to help our eyes see the joy of what is instead of the longing for what is not.

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