Daily Step – Are you grumpy? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


Man there was a lot of grumpiness to go around this morning!

First, I was grumpy because my oldest forgot about some last minute homework he had to finish. My oldest was then grumpy because… well homework. Then one of my twins was grumpy because he wanted to wear shoes mommy didn’t think were suitable for school. It went on and on. Like it was a frantic Monday morning all over again.

On the way to school, some of us carried our grumpiness with us. One of my twins especially. First, his brother didn’t share so he threw his car toys on the floor and whined that he had nothing to do. Then I wouldn’t let him stand in oncoming traffic to shove his water bottle into his backpack. Then, we walked too fast for him. Then I wouldn’t let him sit on a table (an unstable table at that). What a mean mommy, right?

Needless to say he very much didn’t earn a piece of candy for his book bag (yep still bribing good behavior… don’t judge). So when it was time to give me a hug and walk into school, he skipped the hug and just grumbled at me and slowly walked the long distance from me to the door. He looked back from time to time as he went. Just when I thought I’d truly miss my hug this morning, he turned around and ran to me.

As he hugged me, both our grumpy attitudes faded away and love had its moment.

Then he walked back into school.

That moment reminded me that there is always the chance to start again. There is always the chance to apologize and move forward.

There is always a chance to let things go and let love have its moment. But we can’t do it alone.

My prayer this morning is for all of us. I think a lot of us are a bit grumpy right now, even if we aren’t completely aware of it. Tensions are high and so are passions.

May God grace us with a moment of pause today to stop and let love have its moment.

It’s about time.⠀

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