Daily Step – It’s not about the details, it’s about the heart.


It’s been quite a week of making sure you don’t close your eyes or you might just miss something big.

Yesterday, it was continuing the weeklong process of scrolling and scrolling until the media outlets finally announced we had a President-elect. Last night, it was holding my eyes open as long as I could to see if Notre Dame could pull off a two overtime victory against Clemson. Note well: I fell asleep for this second one. I missed the victory. I had to hear about it afterwards.

So today, I chuckled a little when I read the Sunday Gospel reading. It’s the one with the parable about the ten virgins waiting outside for the Bridegroom. Half were prepared, half were not. They all fell asleep waiting. When they woke up because the Bridegroom was coming, they all jumped to attention but the half that were not prepared missed out. They were locked out and reminded they should always be ready.

What a week for a Gospel on waiting and being prepared!

How often am I unprepared? I mean a couple weeks ago for our schoolwide prayer service, I couldn’t find a lighter. The candles had to remain unlit as we called for God in prayer. So, I mean… its not an oil lamp but…. This, however, is obviously not the preparation being asked for in this parable.

It’s not about the details – it’s about the heart.

Are our hearts truly prepared for God?

And since God is in all things, are our hearts prepared right now to love one another well? You know not the time when that love towards another person might be critically important.

Especially in light of all this week has brought, are we ready to reach out to one another in love? Are we prepared to work for unity instead of sowing division?

My prayer is that we are able to pause today and prepare our hearts for love as we enter into a brand new week with (I’m sure) brand new surprises. After all, it still is 2020.

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