Daily Step – Poor couch cover…


Today is dress as your favorite saint day at school.

My boys asked me to just pick for them. So, on Tuesday I excitedly told the twins that they would be Cosmos and Damien – identical twin doctor saints. “I even bought a little box that I’ll make look like a medicine box.” Then, I told my oldest that since he was still an animal guy, he could be St Francis. “You can carry a stuffed animal if you wish!”

The twins perked up at this. “What? He can carry a stuffy? I don’t want to be those twin guys, I want to be St. Francis too!” they said practically in unison. 

So, last night as I finally sat down to think about what this would entail, I googled a picture of St Francis to remind me of his garb. Images of a man in a dark brown robe flooded my screen. Well, I had only one of those. 

Frantically, I looked around our house for anything brown and found a couch cover we hadn’t used in awhile. “Do you mind if I destroy this?” I asked my husband.

Twenty minutes later we had two brown “robes”. 

Some year I’m gonna get this saint thing right. But for now, I hope the couch cover holds up and no one looks too closely.

2020 is definitely the year to let go of perfection and high quality and things turning out exactly the way you envisioned them in your head. 

The boys are just excited to dress up and walk in a parade and later have a Halloween party. As far as I can tell they also think it’s kinda cool I destroyed a couch cover just for them.

May they always be this easygoing!

My prayer this Friday is that we can accept the wins of this week – even if they are as small as waking up and getting moving each day or as big as dressing three future saints up in something resembling a costume. Let us be showered with the knowledge that some of the best things in life are imperfect, messy, and oh so real. 

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