Daily Step – Which way do you lean?


Which way do you lean when you feel like you are going to fall?

This weekend we started the process of teaching our boys to ride bikes sans training wheels.

The goal was just to work on the oldest, but the twins don’t ever want to feel left out. So, my husband worked on reversing their training wheels too so they could try to ride without them.

They were all super nervous as they took their turns. “Don’t let me go!” they reminded my husband as he led them down our driveway and up the neighbors and back again. “I won’t,” he assured each of them, “but you have to do your part. Lean in the opposite direction every time you feel like you are going to fall.”

As he led them back and forth on the driveway, he repeated to them “Now lean your body a little away from the fall! Keep doing it! It’s the only way you can keep your balance.”

This morning, as I remember the three of them griping the handlebars for dear life and leaning against the fall, I’m thinking about how this relates to so many situations in life. 

When you are feeling like you are going to fall into loneliness, lean against the fall by leaning on those who care about you. When you feel like you are going to fall into despair, lean on the gratitude and remember those small, daily things that make you smile. When you feel like you are going to fall away from faith, lean on those around you that remind you most of God.

Today my prayer for you and for me is that we learn to lean against the fall and know that God is always there holding onto the handlebars helping keep you upright. 

I command you: be strong and steadfast. Do not fear or be dismayed. For the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go.” Isaiah 1:9

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