Daily Step – What do you see?


What do you see when you look down at this week?

On a walk this weekend, my youngest, dressed in one of his finest combos yet, paused for a minute to look down intently at the water flowing beneath the white, slightly rusty bridge. “I see a school of fish, mama!” he exclaimed. “And a big tree that just decided to grow up right there in the middle of the ocean. It’s so big I can’t even see past it!” 

The ocean. My boys love to refer to this tiny creek that runs down the middle of our neighborhood as “the ocean.” I’ve explained to them many times the vast difference between a creek and an ocean. Still, they have decided (and therefore it is now an absolute fact) this small body of water is an ocean. 

I paused to watch my son look down at his “ocean” and smiled as he counted the fishes and remarked on the crazy tree that decided to plop itself right down in the middle of the water’s flow. It was so hot on that bridge right in the direct light of the sun. I wanted to move on right away but I heard him exclaim: “Mommy, can we just stay here forever?”

So, what do you see when you stare down at your week today? 

Do you see a boring, ordinary creek or a vast ocean of possibilities? 

Are you already complaining about how hot and uncomfortable this week could be or are you pausing to bask in the light it could offer you?

I guess it’s all about perspective.

So my prayer this morning is for perspective. May God give us eyes to see only wonder and promise and hope as we step into this week. And may we be graced with the generosity to share that light with others.

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