Daily Step – Don’t worry. The good will shine through.


I wonder if this is any indication on how this week will go?

This Saturday I decided to use some aging apples and bananas to make the boys some treats. First, I decided to make a fresh apple cobbler. I was instantly disappointed when I pulled out apple after apple from the bag and realized they were too far gone to make anything edible out of them. So, I moved onto banana bread. “This’ll be easy,” I thought. “The more rotten the bananas, the better!”

So I smushed up the bananas and added the flour, butter, sugar, and some chocolate chips for good measure. And man was I proud of the loaf I shoved into the oven. When the timer went off almost an hour later, I stuck a toothpick in and it came out clean. “It’s done!” I thought. “The boys will love this.”

Then I flipped it out of the pan onto the cutting board. It came out perfectly! That hardly ever happens, so I rejoiced for a minute basking in its perfect upside down form.

And then… I flipped it over…

…and this happened.

Clearly the toothpick lied.

How challenging it can be to look at something you worked hard on, something you packaged up just right to serve to others, and see it lying in a puddle on the counter!

This month I know you are working hard on some things while agonizing over others. You want them to come out of the pan looking like a display in a world class bakery. But you are also fearing, deep inside, that some things you will do this week will end up much like this bread.

And I totally get it. I feel it too.

But guess what? Things that are created out of love, things that are woven together using the intricate threads of your heart – they will be good no matter what. Because they were created with the best of intentions.

So what did I do with this particular mess? I scooped it up, placed it on a pan, and put it under the broiler. And guess what? Turns out it tasted just fine. When the essence of something is good, it’ll shine through even the messiest of packages.

My prayer today is that we are given the grace to let our hearts guide our actions. May we trust that if what we produce was put forth in love, it will be good whatever form it takes.

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