Daily Step – Embracing Humor


“Mommy. Mommy! Why are your eyes closed?”

Last night I fell asleep on the couch until two little boys got right in my face and yelled “Mommy!” over and over loudly until I finally responded.

“What?!” I said grumpily wiping sleep from my eyes.

“We want paper so we can draw each other jokes.” While they drew, my eyes drifted closed again. Then, they woke me up to show me the jokes. “The first joke is: how can a horse fit in a tiny house?” one said as he burst into laughter before he could even finish the “joke.” The one that made them laugh the most though? “How does this chair fart?”

Yep. They should take this act on the road.

Admittedly, I was pretty impressed by the stick drawings. And though being repeatedly woken from my slumber WAS unpleasant- the joy in their laughs was unmistakable. They so expertly crack themselves up. And these jokes entertained them for a good while last night and into this early Monday morning.

Yep it’s Monday. And two of my boys are already awake and ready to start the day. Me? I’m just sitting here in the dark listening to them joke around wondering about how this day is gonna go. Another day juggling work and the boys and also being swept right up in the news of the day. And it’s thundering outside so lots of cooped up energy ahead.

Perhaps it’s the perfect day to need a little laughter. Maybe it’s just the kind of day to try and hold onto joy.

So my prayer is that we seek out moments of joy, moments that make us laugh out loud today. May we laugh loud enough to wake ourselves from the slumber of another Monday in this crazy world. And may our laughs bring joy to others.

Maybe if we sincerely try, we can see the humor two little boys saw in this image of a horse just trying to get into a tiny house. Perhaps it was starting to rain in his world too and the horse was just looking for a way to stay sane and dry.

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