Daily Step – Love in Deed


Yesterday I had to take a twin to the doctor.

When we arrived back home, the other boys ran up to him and asked wide-eyed: “What did you see out there?”

Oh man, they HAVE been home a long time.

I did not catch the rest of their conversation, but I found myself reflecting about this visit versus the last time we were there. In January, I took all three boys for their wellness visits. It was a zoo. They were climbing over the chairs and talking over each other as usual. In the room itself, several nurses took notes and measurements of the boys while they acted goofy. The hallways sounded crowded and full of life and mostly mask-free.

Yesterday, was much different. I could only take the one child with me. We were instructed to drive to the back of the office. We sat in our car and called inside. They verified once again that we had no fevers in the car and that our masks were secure. Then we were let in the back door as a car next to us had the doctor come out to them (I’m guessing they said yes to the fever question). We immediate went into a room stripped down of toys and books and waited. Everyone was masked including my five year old boy sitting still on the table with big eyes patiently waiting to be examined.

We got our prescription for an ear infection as well as a lollipop (thank God he was asking about the lollipop the whole way there) and then we were back out the back door into the alley. Masks off, hands sanitized, and back home.

It was weird. For sure. I never thought I’d be explaining to my son how to appropriately wear a mask and not touch his face at five. But as I watched the doctors and nurses work with him and with the car next to us… I felt so much gratitude and compassion for them. This is their life. 8-9 hours a day. Working to keep our kids safe and healthy in the best way they know how.

My prayer today is for all of us that we may be generous with our choices this day – putting others first and showing up as the world needs us to. Even when it’s challenges us.

“Love is shown more in deeds than in words.” St. Ignatius of Loyola

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