Daily Step – How will you go ALL IN today?


One of my twins always seems to have a new scrape or bump somewhere… all consequences from how he goes ALL IN on life.

So, of course, when he and I took a walk this weekend… he came home with a freshly scraped knee and hand. I had pointed a few yards ahead to some train tracks, and as he strained his eyes to see what I saw, he missed a crack in the sidewalk. Despite how unpleasant it looked, however, he never cried about any of it. He fell down, got back up, and just kept going. A moment after falling, in fact, I was pulling him back from leaning over the edge of a drainage system to get a better look at the blue dragonflies darting over the water.

Though I worry about what limb he might break first… I secretly admire him for how he just so easily goes all in on life.

This is the same child who also always says without hesitation and unapologetically “God” when I ask him jokingly “Who do you love the most?” His answer has never wavered over the course of a couple years of that question.

I so want to harness a little of him this morning.

I want to be able to say with strong confidence and no hesitation “God” to the question of whom I love the most. And I want to show that love in my actions. I also want to have the bravery and the fortitude to enter life a little like he does… full on, no matter the bumps and scraps that may come along the way.

It’s easy as an adult to rationalize or intellectualize choices – to weigh the pros and cons and consider thoughts and words and actions carefully. And, of course, there are many reasons for all of that – we can’t always act like children. But if we could, today, just harness a little of the “all in” that children have – maybe we can go all in on creating the world we want them to live in.

Compassion requires us to be weak with the weak, vulnerable with the vulnerable, and powerless with the powerless. Compassion means full immersion in the condition of being human.” – Henri Nouwen

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