Daily Step – Are you also a work in progress?


I’ve learned in my decade of home ownership that homes are always works in progress.

Seems like once you fix or upgrade something, something else breaks down and needs repair. The home is never quite “finished.”

Toward the end of this summer we decided to invest a little time and energy into remodeling our front room. Soon after we finished that, our dishwasher stopped getting our dishes sparkling clean. Then, the dishes were seeming to come out as dirty as they went in. We finally got tired of troubleshooting and double washing and installed a new dishwasher three weeks ago. I’ve never celebrated a clean glass more.

I relaxed into how well everything was working once again… but not for long. Because of course, this morning we realized our ice machine in the ten year old fridge is broken. So here we go again. 

Like I said never finished.

Maybe homes are like us – we are never quite finished either. Every time we celebrate a milestone or solve a problem or grow in some new way, something else happens to bring us back to the drawing board. Every. Single. Time. It’s what sometimes makes life frustrating. It’s also what makes life beautiful and worthy. 

Today you might be faced once again with the message that you are, in fact, an unfinished product. I have already heard that message loud and clear myself this morning. So my prayer for you and for me is for the grace to accept this message as something life-giving and beautiful. It means you can still have goals and dreams no matter your age or circumstances. It means you can still envision a better world. 

It means you still have time. 

Wenmight find that being unfinished is one of the best graces we can receive.

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