Daily Step – Felt like someone might need this reminder today…


I don’t know if you need this reminder today or not… but I thought someone might, so here it is:

You are enough.
Exactly as you are.

“But what if I’m too shy or too quiet?” you ask.
You’re enough.

“But what if I’m too loud or too chatty?”
You’re enough.

“But what if I said something really stupid yesterday?”
You’re enough.

“But what if I just can’t seem to get it together right now?”
You’re enough.

“But what if someone just told me I wasn’t?”

Listen carefully now…

They. are. wrong.

You were created FOR A purpose. (Even if you are struggling to figure out what that purpose is right now).

You were created ON purpose. (Even if sometimes you wonder “Did God make a mistake?”)

And the world needs you and your enoughness today and every day forward.

You are who you are.

And that is enough.

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  1. Jeanenne Norris says:

    Thank you so much for this posting today. I needed to here this today, a day when I just couldn’t get things done the way I thought they should, a day where I felt I was lacking…lacking everything that a human needs. Your post soothed my aching heart and body. Thank you again so much.

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