Daily Step – Look for God even in a simple plastic cup.


There are always eyes on me these days.

Yesterday, it was a pair of eyes staring at me through the cracks of a dining room chair while I worked out. It was kinda distracting. He sat on the chair I was using as my support during class and wiggled and whimpered nonstop. He was much louder than the instructor. I’m pretty sure he thought it was a competition. (He was paying me back for suggesting a healthy snack for his 3rd snack post breakfast). 

This is kinda how at home work or exercise or writing or cleaning or… getting dressed has gone for me over the last two months. Someone usually wants or needs something immediately or has to desperately tell me about something a fellow brother is doing wrong. And someone is always hungry. 

It is not the ideal conditions.

But there are moments… like yesterday morning when a twin asked to go out into the backyard to grab something “real quick, mom.” He came back with a plastic cup. Just as I was going to tell him for the 100th time that cups stay in the kitchen he held up the cup and said, “Look mom, it rained!” 

Apparently, they had put a cup outside to see if it rained over night. “And we knew if the cup was knocked over, then it was a horrible thunderstorm… but it wasn’t knocked over. So it just rained… and look how much!”

It is easy to let the irritations of this time get in the way of noticing the small moments of God in our days. My prayer today is that you and I can take a deep breath when life gets a little crazy and look for God running in to show us with wonder how much rain collected in a simple plastic cup. 

“The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.”
– Julian of Norwich

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