Daily Step – Caught off Guard


On one of our walks this weekend, my boys were struck with wonder at the new life they found.

“Look mommy! That duck has one, two, three…. five ducklings!” one exclaimed as he leaned precariously over the railing of the white bridge to get a good count. Then from the other side I heard another say “Look! So many small fishes!”

Truth be told, I was getting kinda bored by our route. The boys always want to see the bridge and there’s only one way there and very few variations on the way back.

But then God surprised me. And new life was everywhere I looked.

Every day since we parted, I’ve been gathering video prayers for my school… and a colleague shared this one yesterday from Frederick Buechner. It stuck with me as I thought back to that unique trip to the bridge this weekend.

This is my prayer today for me and all of you. Sometimes the days can run together or be filled with uncertainty, doubt, or anxiety… We can feel like maybe we’ve lost God’s attention – and then God catches us off guard.

“Lord, catch me off guard today.
Surprise me with some moment
of beauty or pain
so that at least for the moment,
I may be startled into seeing
that you are here in all your splendor,
always and everywhere,
barely hidden, beneath, beyond,
within this life I breathe.”

May God catch you off guard today and remind you that God truly is in all things.

[By the way, did you catch the ducklings in the photo?]

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