Daily Step – Only today is ours.


I had a good weekend, did you?

Often on Monday mornings when people would ask me (back when I saw people on a daily basis) “How was your weekend?” I would say fine and move onto what Monday had to hold. At that point, I would have already gone through the frantic Monday routine of rushing everyone out of the door and running back into the house for 3-5 things we forgot.

There might have even been some yelling about “being on time” and “not ruining mommy’s Monday.” 

The weekend would have quickly been forgotten because, truth be told, Mondays are not my favorite day of the week. It always takes me a few hours to get settled back into routine. Even now as the stress of getting kids dressed and out the door on time is gone… it still takes me a while to get my mind right for the day and the week of e-learning, work, and parenting ahead.

But this Monday morning as I sit in quiet before the day officially begins, I am remembering the weekend… particularly the walks my sons and I took together. I’m hoping to grab onto a small piece of joy and comfort of the lazy weekend and bring it into Monday. I pray that, if I do, it’ll keep me level-headed and loving and compassionate to myself and my children…. whatever this day may bring.

I love this quote by theologian Fredrick Buechner to guide me on how to enter today:

“Much as we wish, not one of us can bring back yesterday or shape tomorrow. Only today is ours, and it will not be ours for long, and once it is gone it will never in all time be ours again. Thou only knowest what it holds in store for us, yet even we know something of what it will hold. The chance to speak the truth, to show mercy, to ease another’s burden. The chance to resist evil, to remember all the good times and good people of our past, to be brave, to be strong, to be glad.”

We can’t bring back yesterday and we can’t shape tomorrow.

Only today is ours.

May God shower all of us with grace this Monday morning.

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