Daily Step – What glimpse of God have you caught today?


“Glimpses of God that I’ve been allowed to catch.”

This part of this quote by Henri Nouwen stayed with me this morning as I walked through my morning routine. 

It was kind of a rocky one.

This morning the dog didn’t cooperate. The boys secretly threw away the breakfast I spent a bit more time on than usual. My workout was just eh. And so on… it was just an off Tuesday morning altogether.

It was the kind of morning when I failed to catch a glimpse… not even one. Maybe that’s because I’m so concentrated on my angst.

But perhaps if I have not yet caught that glimpse of God this morning, you have instead. And that warms my heart. 

It reminds me that God is never far away. God’s presence is all around.

And what glimpses we don’t catch… 

someone else does. 

That beautiful sunset I didn’t see last night because I was too focused on getting everyone ready for bed? 

Someone else was sitting on their back porch breathing it in.

The song of a bird in the darkened sky that I didn’t quite hear this morning bc the dog was growling too loudly at me?

Someone else paused and lingered with the quiet melody.

In those moments when I think God is missing, when I’m looking but can’t find God hidden in the trees, I can rest assured that someone else is finding God right then. 

It’s not just my deepest vocation, it’s ours.

May we share our glimpses of God today with each other so that the picture may be complete. 

I’d love to hear yours.

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  1. Pat says:

    I love this quote ! And thinking about it, I realized I glimpsed God in the joyful nurse who gave me my Covid booster today, and a couple of supportive friends, and my doorman ! Going to keep my eye peeled for more of these sightings . Thanks to you and Henri….

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