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As we begin a new year, I invited guests to reflect on what their #dailystep #towardthegreater would be for 2020. Today’s post is from @jenny_gehman. I first met Jenny in a book writing course. She is a remarkably kind and hospitable person as her post indicates. Here is her step:

“Isaiah 26:19 says, “It’s time to awaken and sing for joy, you dwellers in the dust! The dew of a new day will wash you glistening fresh.”

Friends, let it not be lost on us that according to Isaiah, dew comes to dust. Dew comes to dust, resting right on the cracked and parched places of our being, to the grief we’ve sat right down in. The dew comes to dust, and all gentle like, it lifts drooping heads. No open-the-heavens-downpour here, a little drop will ‘dew.’

Dew on dust. So gentle. So kind. A daily portion in the place of pain. Sufficient nourishment to sustain. A little drop will ‘dew.’

Gretchen invited us to consider small daily steps or actions instead of the grand gestures we so often plan when entering a new year. My grand plan is to heal every hurt everywhere, to grow large and rain down over wide swaths, eliminating parched, cracked and dry so all of life can blossom and bloom. But I simply cannot. What I can do, however, is to be like God by bringing dew to dust, gentle sustenance to one person each day.

I don’t always have to bring the big. Sometimes a little drop will ‘dew’ for those dwelling in dust. A word, note, hug, flower. A ‘thank you,’ ‘I see you,’ ‘You matter.’ Dewdrops, all.

We don’t have to be the whole river or rainstorm, perhaps a little drop will ‘dew.’”

– Jenny Gehman, jennygehman.com.

[Jenny Gehman’s passion is to help others experience, embrace and extend the hospitality of God. She is a seasoned speaker who is writing her first book on the ways hospitality heals us. Please email Jenny at: letsconnect@jennygehman.com if you’d like to sign up for her upcoming newsletter. You can also find her on instagram @jennygehman. To learn more about Jenny and her speaking ministry visit jennygehman.com.]

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