Daily Step – Take a moment of escape today.


I’m gonna do my best to recall this fantastic dream that one of my twins swears he had last night. His original telling was much better as it was filled with all the rambling inherent in five year old story telling. A dream made only more terrific by the additions of his twin who did not want to be left out of the retelling.

Twin #1: Last night I had a dream about school. I was outside playing on the green playground. All was good until SUDDENLY two long neck dinosaurs started chasing me. They chased me up the stairs onto the platform of the playset and then they tried to slide down the slides after me. They were a little too big so they kinda got stuck for a minute and I got away. They only stopped chasing me when they noticed their babies trapped in a bucket. They ran over to the bucket and STOMPED on it. The babies got out and were rescued.

Twin #2: Yeah, I think I was there too. Mommy did you know that long neck dinosaurs are the biggest ones in the world. They chased us everywhere. Only, in my dream they were joined by a triceratops.

Me: That sounds like quite the dream.

Twin #1: Actually, it was a nightmare. The worst part was when the dinosaurs chased my brother and made him fall and he cut his leg. It was bleeding bad. And then Señor Oscar (their Spanish teacher) called for help and out teacher brought him the best bandaid. Then he was happy and so were the long necks. 

Now that I reflect on this fantastic dream that apparently they both had last night… I realize that most of it just came from their minds this morning as they spoke – a flood of words turning into a magical world. They took me on a journey the whole way to school. It was so vivid I could see the dinosaurs trailing them all over the green colored playground.

Isn’t it nice on a Monday morning to take a minute to escape into a make believe world? This morning I’m grateful for this small escape and the joy I witnessed in the retelling. 

My prayer this morning is that we get the opportunity to escape into the world of make believe at some point today (maybe with a book or a tv show or just letting ourselves get lost in our imaginations). May we feel free to let our imaginations run wild with all the possibilities. 

And then, when we return to reality, let our hearts be renewed and ready to face whatever comes.

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