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As we begin a new year, I invited guests to reflect on what their #dailystep #towardthegreater would be for 2020. Today’s post is from @livinginthemidst, Anne Brock. I first met Anne through a book writing course. Though her experience is not my own, reading her works has help me grow in empathy and understanding of friends who face the same battle with infertility. I think we can all resonate with her intentional practice of gratitude. Here is her step: 

“Living with infertility means constantly being reminded of what my body can’t do. It would be very easy for me to be cynical, bitter and angry at myself and the world. However, that’s not what I want for myself. I want to live a good, full live in the midst of it all.

A few months after my diagnosis, I knew I had to be intentional about living this good, full life. This doesn’t mean I am happy all the time or ignoring my feelings of grief. I can be honest about my reality and live a good life at the same time.

My daily practice of gratitude is the key. It’s a small practice. Small, but crucial. As I lay my head on my pillow each night, I offer up three moments from the day for which I’m thankful. That’s it.

I don’t write anything down. I don’t call anyone. I don’t make a big production. I just offer my thanks. And in my offering, my perspective is altered.

Now, throughout the day, I pay attention to moments that I want to remember during my nightly routine. I look for the moments of gratitude.

I’m still sad about my infertility. I still grieve the life I dreamt for. And, I’m grateful for my life. These are my #dailysteps #towardthegreater – a life of gratitude in the midst of grief.”

-Anne Brock, @livinginthemidst

[Anne Brock chooses to live a good, full life despite a diagnosis of infertility. Through her writing, she explores the many ways that loss, pain, and grief provide opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation. In paying attention to the ordinary, Anne discovers the extraordinary and loves to share those discoveries with the world. Read more of Anne’s writings at or connect with her on Instagram.]

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