Daily Step – What if Mary let me hold Him?


Today I’m back over at JesuitPrayer.org engaging in a little imaginative prayer in the spirit of St. Ignatius…

What if Mary let me hold Jesus for just a minute? What would that be like?

My reflection is based off a quote I read recently from St Therese of Lisieux:
“With your little hand that caressed Mary, you upheld the world and gave it life, and you thought of me.”

Head on over to JesuitPrayer.org to read my reflection on today’s Gospel, but in the meantime, this is my prayer that ends the reflection:

Ignatius taught me to use my imagination in prayer.
Usually, I imagine you as a grown man,
mentoring and guiding me along the way.
But as I prepare for your upcoming birth,
I find myself imagining you instead as a baby.
I hope Mary doesn’t mind letting me hold you for awhile, Lord,
so that I may gaze into your eyes
and have you gaze back into mine.
I long to experience that moment St. Therese describes,
to feel your hand upon my cheek,
to know that you loved me then and now and always.
I think it may just change me.
I think it may just change everything.

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