Daily Step – The apostles didn’t know how it would turn out either.


I don’t need to know where it is all going…

… but there is a difference between what I need and what I want… and Lord I WANT to know very badly!

Today we enter Holy Week, and as I sit here knowing I chose this quote for me and how I’m feeling in this moment, my mind keeps returning to the journey of the apostles through the week ahead.

No matter how much foreshadowing they had, they really didn’t know what was all about to happen.

They didn’t really know how it would all turn out.

Perhaps they thought God would intervene at some point before Jesus reached the cross… perhaps they even begged God to so the fear, the sadness, the pain, the longing in each of them would cease…

… but God didn’t intervene…

… because this journey was necessary, needed… 

… and seeing it to its completion would change everything.

This week the apostles courage and faith and hope will be tested over and over again like mine often is. Perhaps like me, the apostles will forget in the most difficult of moments that courage and faith and hope are graces that aren’t in limited supply.

Instead they are graces showered upon them (and me and you) by the very God that loved them enough to finish the most difficult and painful of journeys. 

give us the courage, faith, and hope 
to move forward. 

Help us believe in the resurrection 
that lies just around the corner. 


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