Daily Step – Rubik’s cubes drive me nuts!


“Perhaps you will then gradually,
Without noticing it,
live some distant day into the answer.”

I’ve never been good with puzzles. 

The Rubik’s cube alone drives me nuts.

I don’t have the patience to sit and try and figure out how to make everything go into the correct slot so the colors come out perfect on every side.

But I do love watching those who are good enough at it that they can solve the puzzle in a matter of seconds. I love seeing everything click into place with lightening speed at their fingertips.

It’s how I want life to be actually. 

I want the questions I hold to have clear answers that just magically click into place.

I don’t want to hold the questions like poet Rainer Maria Rilke suggests. 

But try as I might, sometimes it’s not up to what I want. Sometimes I’m being asked to work on my patience anyway because God moves at God’s time. 

Perhaps despite thinking I’m ready for them…the answers are not yet ready for ME.

I do know this – whether I have patience or not… unlike a Rubik’s cube, I can’t watch someone else solve my life. 

It’s up to me and it’s up to God.

It takes effort and time and a little more faith.

So Lord, grace me with a little more patience today to live and pray and work on the questions until the answers You have prepared just for me finally come to light.

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