Daily Step – How will you enter the world today?


Right after Christmas, I had a few bouquets of flowers sitting on the sill of my kitchen windows. Several people had dropped them off post my hospital visit, and I was struck by how they brightened up an otherwise unsuspecting room.

So when they inevitably started to lose their leaves, I went out and found a few more flowers to take their place…

… and then a couple weeks later a few more…

… and now buying just a few small bouquets of inexpensive yet strikingly colorful flowers has become a part of my weekend routine. You can see a few of them in this image today.

Every morning now, I sit in the dim light of my kitchen with a cup of coffee and admire how nature can be so unabashedly bold and colorful.

Bright pinks, oranges, reds, and yellows have the chance to make a comment every morning that there is beautiful and bold and unapologetic life found all around us if we just pause and acknowledge it.

I love this quote from Mary Oliver because it reminds me that we have a choice as to how we enter this day.

We could let ourselves fade into the background of a well manicured lawn…

… or we could be the brightest thing in an otherwise unassuming room making a comment that life is still quite beautiful indeed.

Which will you be today?

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