Daily Step – Journeying into hope…


Today I’m sharing the story of my 2022 word (journey) and my 2023 word (hope) over at Ignatian Spirituality’s blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Unlike the words of the past few years (mindful, grace, perspective), I didn’t know why or how my 2022 word came about. I searched for a word for a while, but I couldn’t find the right one. Then suddenly I just knew on New Year’s Eve 2021, it would be journey.

This time, there were no subtle moments. The word journey smacked me over the head again and again this entire year, every time life threw me yet another major turn in an ever-winding road. The last turn happened just as the word was about to expire. But this time, it wasn’t just a turn. I was suddenly on a brand-new road in an unfamiliar place.”

Check out the rest here.

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