Daily Step – Who are you meant to be?


Who are you meant to be?

Have you already become that person?

Or are you still trying to figure it out?

I love these words from Richard Rohr because they speak to the truth of who we are. 

We each were formed and created for some unique and wonderful purpose. 

We’ve heard that line a few times before.

I’ve definitely wrote down a few times myself.

But to be honest, those words tend to spark some anxiety in me. I wonder all the time if I am listening to what God really wants from me. I wonder all the time if I am wasting… time. I wonder all the time if I maybe missed something along the way that would have brought me to that purpose a little faster.

Sometimes knowing that God formed and created me for a unique and magnificent purpose is…



But sometimes it can be heartening and comforting instead.

The message doesn’t change in these moments – just the way I am open enough to hear what God is really saying.

When God reminds me that I am created for a unique and wonderful purpose that only I can fulfill, instead of stressing out about finding that purpose somewhere outside of me… I can look inside instead.

I can ask myself: Who are you right now deep inside? What are your talents and skills? What are your quirky traits and unique ways of looking at the world? What does the body you are in and the mind that you have mean to who you are meant to be in the world?

Too often I focus on external things to help me find in my search for who I am… 

but these words of Richard Rohr remind me that I have everything I need right here inside of me.

And I should love myself as much as God loves me…

Exactly as I am.

And you should love yourself as much as God loves you…

Exactly as you are.

After all, that may just be the first step to uncovering the name we have always had.

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