Daily Step – Did you miss the bird too?


Do you find yourself distracted sometimes?


Do you, like me, ever find yourself locked in an endless scroll through the latest stories, videos, and tales from friends and strangers alike?

This summer I discovered candy crush (yes I know, I’m super late to that party). I downloaded it as just something to pass the time in a waiting room, but it quickly sucked me in. 

As all good games do, it rewarded me just enough for me to feel encouraged to keep trying to reach new levels and attain new moments of celebration. It became my go-to distraction.

Sometimes distractions are good. 

I know I needed one at times this summer.

But sometimes they keep us from noticing the world around us…. And precious moments like the ones where a bird flies straight into a door….

… yes this happened…

and was the inspiration for this poem today. 


A bird flew
past me
one day
not too
long ago…

And, well…
I almost…
missed it.

You see,
my head
was buried 
so deep in… 
where else…
my phone.

I was caught,
as per usual,
in an 
endless scroll…
sucked in by 
beautiful oceans,
clean kitchens,
trending hashtags,
and candies 
I just had
to crush.

I would not
have seen
the bird 
at all
except for 
the loud, obnoxious
I heard 
when its beak
slammed straight into
the bit too clean
glass door
in front 
of me.

It took
the briefest
of moments,
the most fleeting
of seconds
before I realized
what I heard
and looked up 
to see 
the door
just inches
from my face
and the bird
lying shaking 
at my feet.

I shot 
right into 
helper mode
(of course!)
trying to
get the bird 
to its feet
while I apologized 
for not being…

I was just
as frantic 
back and forth
from emotion
to emotion
as I feared
the bird
lay dying 
at my feet.

I felt a pinch
of regret:

If only I had
looked up
and opened 
the door.

… and a dash
of sadness:

Oh, no
what if the 
bird is dead
and my inattention
killed him!

… and some
guilt-inducing gratitude:

Thanks, bird,
for preventing 
my head from 
slamming into
the door.

So many emotions
ran their course
through me
in such
a short time,
such a small
while the bird 
and I
stood still
and present 
to each other

eye to eye,

hand to wing.

But just as quick 
as it happened…
it was over.

The bird
and flew away
just as my phone
buzzed an alert
and I was 
once again


©2022, Gretchen Crowder

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