Daily Step – If you can’t fix the door, try the frame instead.


Are there things you want to fix that you cannot? 

(Or can’t fix easily?)

(Or can’t fix right now?)

I feel ya. Being stuck in that kind of in-between space really… sucks. 

But in the midst of it all – you deserve to be joyful anyway.

You deserve to show up and offer what you can in the best way you can anyway.

But, how?

When you can’t fix the door, maybe you can fix the frame.


There was a gap
for the longest time
in our front entryway
between the top of the door
and its frame.

For months
I stared at that gap
and listened to the 
annoying sound 
of the wind whistling through
as it seeped in from outside.

One day, 
I asked my husband:
“How do we fix the door?”

He replied:
“The door is what it is.”

I sighed.

But he continued:
“I can’t fix the door,
but I can fix the frame.”

One weekend, 
he worked 
to fix the frame
around the door
until the door fit
perfectly inside
and the annoying, 
constant whistling sound
was finally silenced.

when I can not fix 
the doors in my life
beyond my control),
help me instead
to fix the frame 
so I can silence the noise
and hear only Your voice
inviting me ever forward
towards the person
You created me to be.

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